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The best!!!

I was referred to Michael Elbert by a friend and couldn’t have been happier. Not only was Michael professional and knowledgeable but I felt he truley cared about me and my concerns. He was available to answer any and all questions I had no matter how silly or small. I had a complex case that he was able to win based on his experience and expertise. I would absolutely recommend Michael Elbert to anyone and would not hesitate to use him again.

Great attorney, great guy

Found myself in some trouble and Mike did an extraordinary job helping me and my family. I’ll always recommend him to anyone in need of legal help. Thanks again Mike!

Personal Injury

Mr. Elbert represented me for personal injury and he went above and beyond. He always went out of his way to make himself available and always showed he cared. I would highly recommend Mr. Elbert to anyone in need of legal help.

Goes above and beyond his duties

Have been using Mr. Elbert for many many years. Goes above and beyond his duties and goes out of his way to satisfy his clients. No one better then him.

Gets the Job Done

Michael Elbert is an excellent lawyer. Consider yourself lucky if he takes your case. I chose him on his performance record in his private practice. I’m most familiar with his malpractice services. He worked for the other side (insurance law) successfully for a while until opening his own firm.

Michael knows the ins and outs of the system on both sides. Plus, he’s an excellent trial attorney. The other side will know this. He did well for me and I was confident I was in good hands. I suggest his firm strongly.

Thanks Mike!

Thank you for your help!

I hired Mr Elbert due to an unfortunate event in my life and the case took years longer than expected (completely out of our control) and he was there with us every step of the way, anyone looking for a highly professional attorney should give Mr. Elbert a call.

Great attorney

Mike handled my DWI case and did a great job. He got me out of jail, got me a hardship conditional license and helped me avoid a criminal record and having to put one of those breath machines in my car. Any time I had a question, Mike was available to take my call or got back to me quickly. I have a few friends that had DWI cases, and it seems like Mike got me a much better deal then their attorneys were able to get. I am very happy with the attention and services I got and his fees were reasonable.

Great Lawyer

Michael Elbert represented me in court after I had gotten charged with possession of steroids. He took care of absolutely everything. I just had to stay out of trouble for six months. The case got dismissed. I am very happy I hired him and highly recommend him.

Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney

I’ve known Mike Elbert since our days in the Bronx DA’s office. Mike was known then (as now) as being savvy, tough, and quick on his feet. Although I live in California now, Mike is the first criminal defense attorney I think of when I’m approached for recommendations in New York. I recommend Mike very highly.

Only criminal lawyer I would ever recommend!

Mr. Elbert’s knowledge in his field is unparalleled. He helped me through a criminal matter that would have affected my life in so many different ways. Through his compassion, expertise, and attention to detail, I was able to walk away unscathed, and on my way to moving forward in the right direction. I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided for me, along with your honesty and genuine concern for the outcome of the situation. I had also recommended Mr. Elbert to a friend for a personal injury case, and he is also extremely pleased with his results.

Professionalism and Expertise at Its Finest

Michael Elbert recently represented me in a criminal charge. This was my first criminal charge and it was a very frightening experience to say the least. First and foremost he is a kind compassionate man and treated me with the utmost respect. His knowledge of the law and the legal system enables him to speak in a manner which is concise and clearly understandable. Being that this was my first criminal charge, this was worth its weight in gold. He patiently explained to me both the legal process and my available options and immediately put me at ease. From the moment I met him I knew I was in good hands. He is very communicative and would always respond to my phone calls and emails immediately. It is clear that he is clearly respected in the courtroom by both the District Attorneys and the Judges. I would without reservation recommend him to anyone and everyone I know.

Excellent Lawyer

Micheal Elbert is terrific lawyer. I had a personal crisis and being a professional I was concerned that it may effect my career. Mr. Elbert immediately put my mind at ease. He was very professional and paid attention to every detail. He made me feel that I always had a friend that would standby me. I never felt judged. Highly recommended.


Mr. Elbert was extremely professional; helping me with my son’s legal issue. The service he provided was top notch, his response time to me was always prompt and courteous. My son and I always felt like we were in good hands and that the legal issues were being handled with the utmost of professionalism. He respected us and answered all of our questions during the process. We highly recommend Mr. Elbert. Truly a top notch lawyer.

awesome lawyer

Mike is an awesome lawyer i have been in trouble many of times especially when i was younger . I have always used him and will continue to. He is trustworthy on time and someone i can rely on at any time.

Overall good feeling in meeting and hiring this CRIMINAL ATTY for a Town Violation Case.

Would just like to thank Michael Elbert for spending a huge about of time with my partner and myself as to a Criminal town violation.

All town violations are Criminal, and it’s extremely important you hire a TOP criminal atty and not a CODE atty. ..These case have little to do with town codes, but towns making money. Most important you hire top criminal atty. He was very knowledgeable as to the criminal system. He could not have been more helpful.

Price he gave me I didn’t feel the normal price gouge. I feel with the quality time he gave me, this is not his character, but went into the profession to help the public and not make a windfall just on your case. I have been to other attys and felt there main interest was retainer and MONEY. That was not how he worked, we all expect to be paid for our services no matter what field we are in.. He explained his fees and left it to that.

I left the appointment feeling comfortable he understood what I was looking for and would be working towards that goal. I TRULY FELT HE WOULD PUT HIS ALL INTO MY CASE, FOR A GOOD OUT COME.

DWI Nightmare

I was arrested about a year ago for a DWI which was a very frightening experience. I was referred to Mr. Elbert by a friend who had hired him for a criminal case and was very satisfied with the legal representation he received. I am so happy he gave me Mr. Elbert’s number. Mr. Elbert made the whole experience less frightening. He put my mind at ease and handled my case in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Elbert to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.

bring in the thunder

mr. Elbert represented me on a criminal case. I was very stressed about the case but he calmed me down and, although I didn’t think it was possible, he got my case dismissed. He is a great lawyer. If you want to make a good impression on your judge then “bring in the thunder” which would describe my attorney Mr Elbert!

Experienced and Agressive Representation

Mr. Elbert represented me in criminal matter and he far exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of the subject area was excellent, but even better, was his comfort and reputation with the Court. Mr. Elbert helped make a difficult time a bit easier. I highly recommend hiring Michael Elbert as your criminal attorney.

Great Lawyer

Mr. Elbert represented me on a legal matter that was very overwhelming, from the moment I hired hi m, I knew I had the right man. He gave me the facts and details that I needed to deal with and he took care of the rest.

Do you have a speeding ticket? Michael Elbert can HELP!

I had a speeding ticket that would have given me 6 points on my license and a very expensive fine. Michael Elbert went to the court for me (I didn’t even have to go), had the 6 points reduced to NO points, and a very expensive fine lowered. I would definitely recommend this lawyer! He went above and beyond for me and did an excellent job. “Hats off to Mr. Elbert”…thank you again!

Great Lawyer

I won’t get into details on the case but I will say that Mr. Elbert made the process of the journey a lot easier. During a stressful time I felt overwhelmed with the legal system. Once I laid everything out on the table, he carefully explained all the legal details, allowing room for options without judgment. I felt secured and comfortable with my lawyer, I knew my case was in good in hands. His savvy techniques, educated mind, and quick responses quickly took over the stress which consumed me. Well worth the money, Mr. Elbert resolved my legal issue, and what was once a headache soon came to pass. If you are looking for a great lawyer I recommend Michael Elbert.